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Email Marketing Consulting

Email marketing is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. The return on investment outpaces many other marketing touchpoints, and email’s versatility means you can use it for brand awareness, lead generation, nurturing, conversion and more.

Not sure how to make the most of your email marketing opportunities? That’s where Brafton’s email marketing consulting services come into play. Our expert consultants can help with everything from creating the perfect email marketing campaign to writing unforgettable email copy.

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Why You Need an Email
Marketing Strategy

Email should be a big part of any digital marketing campaign. This channel helps brands reach large swaths of potential customers quickly and easily. Whatever business or commercial goals you’ve set for your next campaign, email marketing can help your company achieve them.

Email marketing strategies can help you score big wins by:

  • Building brand awareness.
  • Generating qualified leads.
  • Nurturing your top sales prospects.
  • Creating meaningful conversions that directly translate into more sales and higher revenue.

Brafton’s experienced email marketing consultant team will craft the right email marketing strategy to match your industry, customers and goals. Take advantage of our email marketing service to reach a wider audience and bring in more qualified leads.

What to Expect from Brafton’s Email Marketing Consulting Services

We offer end-to-end email marketing consulting services, supporting every aspect of your strategy and working to deliver real results that benefit your brand. Our email marketing consultant team can help launch any type of campaign or strategy, including:

  • Targeted asset launches.
  • Drip email.
  • Lead generation.
  • Prospect nurturing.
  • Email newsletter campaigns.
  • Automated email messaging and synchronized sends.
  • Content-driven outreach.
  • Email analytics and actionable insights.

Performance-Driven Email Marketing

Writing great emails is one thing. End-to-end, data-driven email marketing — complete with social media tie-ins, effective automation and client personas — is another thing entirely. 

Through it all, our email marketing consultant team uses data and advanced analytics to guide your strategy and continually improve outreach efforts. We evaluate a number of metrics to accurately assess email campaign performance, address execution gaps and improve upon established strengths. These metrics include:

  • Click-through rates.
  • Email deliverability.
  • Open rates.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Newsletter subscriptions.
  • Subscriber list growth.

Our specialists are well-versed in the latest best practices and can transform any marketing campaign or email program into a winner.

Email Software Automation Platforms

Brafton uses a number of marketing automation, email marketing software and campaign monitor tools to improve your efforts and match your capabilities to your aspirations. Our email marketing consultant teams help strategize and program campaigns in Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot and other leading email solutions. 

Automation also allows your brand to reach the largest audience possible with minimal effort. You’ll be able to:

  • Create customized subject lines based on diligently crafted email templates and client personas.
  • Plan out a release schedule that sends the right message at the right time.
  • Develop drip email campaigns that evolve depending on how recipients respond.
  • Program automated emails that are triggered by user behavior on your website.

How to Start Your Email Marketing Campaign

Every email marketing campaign needs a detailed strategy to target the right audience and deliver results. Brafton has established a can’t-miss, step-by-step process to support any commercial goals.

Step 1: Define Your Readers

Your target audience informs every aspect of digital marketing, especially when it comes to your email campaign. Client personas will determine everything from the messaging and tone to sending frequency. 

To devise the best email marketing strategy for your business, we must outline whom we’re trying to reach:

  • Are you marketing to them as regular consumers, business users or both?
  • Are they familiar with your brand or is this an awareness campaign?
  • Have they signed up for your newsletter or email list?
  • Are they a returning customer or a prospect who hasn’t made a purchase yet?

Step 2: Build an Email List

Once you have a broad idea of who you want to target, you can dig deeper and create an email list filled with qualified leads, potential prospects or former customers.

Brafton can help build out a subscriber list by developing conversion-oriented content that features:

  • Sign-up forms.
  • Email newsletter enrollments.
  • Event registration opportunities.
  • Other calls to action.

Segmenting your sales targets even further will refine your email lists, letting you create dedicated campaigns for specific audiences based on their level of engagement, position in the sales funnel and more.

Step 3: Start Marketing

Once we’ve identified your target audience and developed an email list that supports your overall digital marketing strategy, it’s time to bring your campaign to life.

Need help creating the actual email content? We can tackle specific aspects of email content creation, or take over from start to finish:

  • Writing the email copy.
  • Designing custom imagery. 
  • Developing email templates. 
  • Much more.

Step 4: Execute, Measure, Adjust and Repeat

Our email marketing consultants also take the necessary steps to monitor and track your email marketing campaign, gathering insights that will measure your success in ways that matter. With this information, you’ll be able to see which choices had the biggest impact, which approaches were best received among audience members and how to adjust your strategy moving forward.

Our Capabilities

Email Marketing FAQs

Is Email Marketing Still Important?

The rise of social media marketing and other highly immersive approaches has not made email marketing any less relevant. In fact, these other marketing tools only serve to enhance your email strategy.

Say a potential customer has been interacting with you on social media. They want more information, but they’re looking for that same convenience, simplicity and value. Email is a logical next step — because while it gives the potential customer more information about your brand, it retains the quick, easy format of a Twitter post or other social media interaction.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a convenient way to stay connected with existing and potential customers alike. Because you can tailor your content based on different personas or email lists, you’ll always be able to offer content that feels customized and valuable — no matter where the user is in the customer journey.

Email marketing also creates new opportunities, like the ability to send surveys or otherwise gather feedback. This doesn’t just help improve your services; it also encourages your audience to think deeply about your brand and interact on a new level.

Another important benefit of email marketing is its flexibility. Once you’ve developed an email list, you can use those contacts for all kinds of marketing — from new product announcements to event invites. 

Does Email Marketing Fit Into a Larger Digital Marketing Strategy?

Keep in mind that email marketing, while crucial, is not the only tool in your digital marketing arsenal. You should also use approaches like social media marketing and search engine optimization to immerse customers in your brand story.

These tools work together to create an omnichannel experience. A customer who reads your blog wants to hear the same voice in your emails and on social media. Luckily, these tools can feed into one another and promote more interaction with your company depending on the customer’s preferred channel. For example, an email might have a link to your company’s latest explainer video, which you can encourage users to share on their favorite social media platforms.

How Do You Choose an Email Marketing Agency?

There’s no shortage of email marketing agencies out there. How do you choose one that will align with your expectations and create a campaign that delivers results?

Here are a few things to look for:

  • A strong team: No email marketing consultant can flourish alone. They need a team of strategists and creators to help bring your campaign to life.
  • A proven approach: Make sure you choose a digital marketing agency with a significant track record of success in email marketing across multiple industries and company sizes.
  • Omnichannel expertise: Don’t limit yourself by choosing an agency that only works in email marketing; instead, look for omnichannel expertise that will help you plan an email campaign that complements your overall marketing strategy.
  • A creative spark: Email marketing has been around for quite some time, which means customers are losing interest in approaches they’ve seen over and over again. To avoid client boredom, look for an email marketing agency that views every email as an opportunity to be creative and help your brand stand out.

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