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Lead Generation Services

Online lead generation is the process of identifying, targeting and nurturing prospects through the sales pipeline. Through digital marketing, email marketing, social media, content and more, Brafton is the best lead generation company for your business — backed by decades of powerhouse strategies proven successful for thousands of clients.

Acquire, nurture and engage qualified leads with a custom lead generation campaign.

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A Custom Lead Generation Model for Your Business

A lead is anyone who’s interested in your brand or product. Naturally, the more leads you have, the higher your chances of increasing your customer base.

Your chances only continue to increase when you have qualified leads: prospects who are more likely to convert because of fitting identifying factors or expressed interest in your company.

Those qualified prospects are exactly the ones our lead generation services will help you attract.

Why Inbound?

The goal of inbound lead generation is to reach people organically, as opposed to cold calling or other disruptive outreach methods. When someone has a genuine interest in your company, the transition from prospect to customer happens much more naturally.

With a wide range of inbound marketing strategies in our wheelhouse-from social media marketing to targeted B2B lead generation-our inbound lead generation services will guide leads through your sales funnel with greater success.

Here’s How It Works:

We’ll start by diving into your brand and analyzing your target audience to make sure we’re reaching the right people. This includes collaborating directly with your internal stakeholders and even conducting buyer persona interviews with your existing customers.

Then we’ll distinguish between leads who are marketing qualified versus sales qualified. Grouping leads in this way ensures your outreach is appropriately calibrated to each lead’s level of interest and intent.

After discovering what motivates your inbound leads, we develop a lead generation strategy and implement digital marketing tactics that increase awareness and interest for your company. These techniques are supported by the latest marketing automation tools and lead generation software.

Once we have their attention, your prospects will be on the path to making a purchase and the conversions will start rolling in.

Lead generation companies that promise overnight success are overselling you. Lead qualification and lead nurturing programs take several months to fully launch. Ultimately, a quality lead will purchase on their own terms, not yours. That’s why we focus our marketing campaign efforts on delivering quick wins by converting high-quality sales leads while also methodically nurturing colder leads through helpful content.

To gain the full value of your lead generation strategy, we recommend regular check-ins, optimizations and analysis.

Inbound Lead Generation Services From Brafton

No matter the size and scope of your goals, Brafton is the lead generation agency with the full suite of services you need to achieve them. Each of the below services can be purchased à la carte or combined into a comprehensive package. Your Brafton content marketing strategist can also be plugged into your ongoing marketing and sales team efforts to ensure all parties work in concert toward your goals.

Lead Magnet Creation Services

This lead generation service can help you incentivize leads, impress prospects and boost your lead generation efforts. A high-converting lead magnet includes engaging content, a landing page, call-to-action, gated content form and an autoresponder email.

Brafton’s team of copywriters, graphic designers, animators and videographers can create eBooks, online courses, quizzes, reports, workbooks and more to dazzle viewers and get them on your good side.

Content Creation Services

Here at Brafton, we live and breathe content marketing. Blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics, case studies, website copy, video scripts—you name it and our content writers can create it. When they’re done, our in-house designers and videographers will get it ready for the big screen.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Don’t know where to start? We do—and we’re up to date on the latest trends, social media changes and most effective marketing strategies.

As a leading digital marketing agency, our expertise includes marketing strategy development, search engine marketing, persona development, social media marketing, website design, email marketing and automation, retargeting and more.

With help from our marketing consultants, you’ll be able to attract, nurture and convert your leads like a pro.


If you want leads to find your company organically, your website should come up in their search engine results. Our SEO services can help you outrank your competition in search, which is ideal for boosting your inbound lead generation.

Email Marketing

For many prospects, signing up for an email newsletter is one of the first steps they take when engaging with a new brand. This triggers the lead generation process, and the emails you send them after they opt in to receive your messages is the nurturing that could eventually lead to a conversion.

Our email marketing experts can do everything from drip campaigns to newsletters, and they’re just as eager as you are to turn prospects into conversions.

PPC Management Services

You can do a lot with organic marketing tactics, but sometimes pay-per-click ads are exactly what your company needs to get in front of the right audience. Our PPC strategists can help you build an ad campaign that supports your lead generation goals. Our team is especially well-versed in inbound lead generation, which utilizes digital marketing techniques like blogs, emails, social media, campaigns and content optimization to attract visitors to your website.

The process can look something like this: Someone sees your brand online and clicks on an image, button or other call-to-action that takes them to your website. Once they’re on your site, they fill out a form with their information, and just like that, your sales team has a new qualified lead.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Looking to convert your B2B leads? Brafton is a B2B lead generation agency with extensive experience that spans numerous industries and specialties.

As B2B marketers who rely on inbound leads ourselves, we understand that B2B companies often target an entire organization, department or position – and our team knows the exact approach to speak their language and build your brand awareness in the right circles.

The Brafton team of specialists will use proven inbound lead generation tactics for your company, and we’ll cater them specifically to your buyer personas, longer sales cycle, business audience and sales strategy.

Our lead generation strategies utilize a combination of digital marketing tools that suit your company best, such as social media, email marketing campaigns, blogging, search engine optimization and more. The focus will be on value-added content like white papers, eBooks, videos, infographics and thought leadership articles that are more likely to attract and engage your B2B prospects.

With our lead generation agency on your team, the highest-performing B2B lead generation techniques will officially be in your wheelhouse.

Social Media for B2C and B2B Lead Generation

There are millions of eyes on social media every day, making your business accounts a valuable digital marketing tool for amplifying your message and interacting with leads.

By sharing landing page links, incentives, upcoming events or other offers, you can give social media users a reason to share their information with your company.

This inbound lead generation tactic is especially successful because you’ll reach your audience where they’re already scrolling. With results-driven social media marketing services, our team can help you create the social content that stops them in their scroll.

Social media is an effective lead generation tactic for both B2C and B2B companies, though the most successful platform will vary based on the target audience for the product or service.

Our social media marketing services include organic posts and social ads on the channels of your choice, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Brafton social media strategists can help you with everything from custom content creation and targeted campaigns to social listening and reporting, allowing you to achieve your lead generation goals and more.

Every lead generation service above is fully customized to your brand’s unique needs, timelines, resources and goals.

Success Stories

55% Increase in Site Conversions for Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia

“The team at Brafton are highly knowledgeable and are very responsible and reliable. They feel like an extension of our marketing team.”

– Christianne Davis, Campaign Manager at Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia

How We Helped Agile Education Marketing Boost Its MQL Close Rate by 108%

“We have several different arms of our content program and Brafton is the hub of all of it.”

– Elizabeth Burkhardt, Marketing Director, Agile Education Marketing

We Generate 20% of PerkinElmer’s Life-Sciences Leads: Here’s How

“Around 20% of our leads are generated from all the work Brafton has done. They’ve met our goals and done a great job.”

– Sandra Florindi, Segment Marketing Leader, Life Science at PerkinElmer, Inc.

What to Look for in a Lead Generation Agency

Different lead generation companies may provide similar services and strategies, but none of them have the data, creative, vision and end-to-end project management to bring multiple lead generation campaigns to life simultaneously.

We built our own best-in-class content marketing software specifically to address business needs like yours: visibility into your agency partner, awareness of your Brafton team, real-time insight into performance and total transparency with the status of all of your deliverables.

We don’t obscure our tactics or over-promise. We’re one-to-one partners with your marketing and sales team.

When searching a B2B lead generation service, consider:

  • Do they have existing clients who are willing to speak to you directly as a referral?
  • Do they have expertise in your niche?
  • Can they speak the language of your target audience?
  • Do they have the full scope of services required to fuel a lead gen engine?
  • Do they regularly report performance metrics?
  • Are there services configurable to businesses of different sizes and industries?
  • Are they available when you need them?
  • Are you locked into a contract you don’t use or that isn’t successful?

As a lead generation expert that’s been in content marketing since its inception, we know what it takes to drive inbound leads and win deals.

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