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The information people find online impacts their purchase decisions, and it’s essential that you put your company’s best foot forward. Content marketing is already mainstream, so it’s time to get competitive. THIS IS WHERE BRAFTON COMES IN.

The content and strategy we provide fuel your site with branded updates to power traffic, leads and conversions.

ContentMarketing_Elements-01  Did you know 60 percent of B2B business decision makers say branded content helps them make better purchase decisions? 

ContentMarketing_Elements-01  Maybe you’re with a B2C firm; 61 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer custom content.



When you meet a prospective client, you have the luxury of verbal communication and body language. One way to create this sense of personality online is through the words you use on your website. By publishing content that shows off industry expertise and highlights your company’s unique strengths and services, you’ll become familiar to online consumers.

Frequently updating your site content makes you a trusted source of information, attracting social followers and repeat site visitors. The more opportunities you have to engage consumers with your business’ winning personality, the more likely they will convert.


In today’s search space, content marketing is search engine optimization – just ask Google. Content of the highest editorial quality and relevance is cached and ranked by the search engines, drives traffic, improves organic search engine optimization and increases inbound links.


Publishing Brafton’s content to your site, in email newsletters and across social pages helps you engage your audience – wherever it is online. It also offers a complete brand experience for your site visitors, subscribers, fans and followers. The more touch points you have, the more likely you will reach a convertible audience.


There is a mounting body of evidence pointing to the fact that consumers prefer to do business with companies that offer rich information online – whether through search, social or email content. For example, one-quarter of Americans make purchase decisions based on blogs. Frequently updated social pages have helped 72 percentof social marketers close sales.

Does this sound interesting to you?

Does this sound interesting to you? Check out our newsroom, learn more, and be sure to request live client examples.